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Obrecsys I.L. Ltd was founded in 2021 by Israeli-American founders who began their journey 20 years ago while studying mathematics and computer science at the Technion (the Israeli MIT) and NYU. Obrecsys (Object Recognition Systems) has offices in Tel Aviv, New Jersey, and in every place its remote team works around the globe (and around the clock).

asaf and ariel pics-02.png

Asaf Shuster

Co-founder and CEO

25 years of experience in entrepreneurial ventures in Software, Financing and Real Estate. 15 years of experience in global markets. Work experience: IAI-Elta, Terrace Investments, Victor Group. MBA [IDC-Israel]; BA in Mathematics and operation research [Technion-Israel]

asaf and ariel pics-01.png

Dr. Ariel Cohen

Co-founder and CTO

18 years of experience in software development, 8 years in clientserver applications using AWS cloud services. Work experience: Bell Labs, IBM, Blenture, KeylockIt. MSc and PhD in Computer Science [NYU-New York]; BA in Mathematics and Computer Science [Technion-Israel]

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