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Turn your event photos into a powerful business tool

Let Obrecsys create engaging content for your digital campaigns and extract insightful data using nothing but your event photos

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Increase your event ROI

for a fraction of your budget

Amplify audience engagement

Let Obrecsys recognize, analyze and create personalized content your audience simply can't ignore.

Expand brand reach

Turn your guests into micro-influencers with brand-supporting content.

Improve decision making

Get powerful predictions and recommendations about your audience based on data extracted from both their photos AND digital journey.

Candy Cotton


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Create digital campaigns in 3 steps

Simply throw in all photos from your event’s photographer, mobile phone, or any other external source.

Run auto-wizards to instantly process thousands of photos

No need to worry about duplications, red eye or filters, the system automatically takes care of it. 

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Organize content to share with your audience

Use our intuitive tools or select from predesigned templates that fit your goals.

Integrate with your marketing automation provider

Each guest will get personalized message featuring the event content along with their personal photos from the event.

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Extract powerful insights 

Select the parameters you are most interested in and watch how the system's predictions and recommendations improve you return.

Workspaces & templates

tailored for you

Obrecsys designed to empower brands, event planners and employers that generate and store thousands of unused photos.


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Event Planners

How it works?

Seamless integration

with your system of choice

Use Obrecsys as a primary digital campaigns platform, or plug it into your organization's CRM or Marketing Automation System.

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