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​Kampfire is an experiential system for event attendees that enhances engagement and brand reach using only event photos.
With Kampfire, event planners and marketing teams can effortlessly share personalized photo albums using secure AI, creating unforgettable experiences while ensuring privacy remains intact.

Kampfire helps event organizers share personalized engaging photo albums with attendees and extracts powerful insights from digital and REAL interactions as reflected in the photos.


The platform aims to revolutionize the event industry by providing event planners and stakeholders with cutting-edge technology. The platform capitalizes on the ‘post-event 24 golden hours’ of attendees’ attention. By allowing an instant delivery of personal, engaging campaigns, Kampfire creates moments of excitement that boost brand awareness.


It offers a variety of branding opportunities inside its pre-designed templates to drive engaging experience for attendees while generating additional revenue for planners and owners.

Not only does the platform allow for marketing opportunities, but it also extracts valuable data and insights, and provides predictions and recommendations to take the event ROI to a new level.

Kampfire cloud-based web app was introduced to the market in 2022 and helped hundreds of event organizers across Israel and the US increase their event ROI by utilizing event photos.

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